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WiseChild Talmud

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WiseChild Talmud includes the complete Babylonian Talmud laid out with Android sensibilities. A tabbed interface provides quick access to the Gemara, Rashi, Tosafos and the Soncino English.Dibur HaMaschil is bold and spaced so it's easy to navigate Rashi or Tosafos. Search all of Shas, any Mosechta or the Amud you're on with the click of a button. You can jump to today's Daf Yomi or quickly scroll to any daf in Shas. Full screen learning removes distractions, and you can choose between Sepia, Day and Night themes for optimal presentation. You can also choose from five different typefaces and set the text size to your liking. Be קובע an עת. You can set up a daily alert to nag you when it's time to learn. There are four different personas to choose from, or you can write your own message. When it's time to learn, you'll be reminded (or guilt-ed) to open up that sefer.
Complete Talmud Bavli in order of the Daf Yomi cycle (including Shkalim). Includes GemaraRashiTosafosEnglish (Soncino)